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Hello world,


Aceasta este prima mea postare pe un blog cu domeniu propriu. Sper sa va placa!

De cate zile ma tot gandesc despre ce sa fie primul articol, ce as putea scrie acum la inceput de drum? Idei sunt multe, blogul nu are o tema anume, de aceea si am pus numele meu si nu altceva. Astfel ca am decis ca nu exista in momenul de fata altceva mai important decat cel mai bun prieten posibil. Asa ca astazi voi scrie despre fiinta cu cel mai mare suflet iubitor si pufos din intreg Universul: catelusa mea minunata: Misha.

Stiu ca poate vi se va parea ciudat sa scriu despre un animalut, dar hai sa fim seriosi, daca nu ai ceva probleme la caput nu ai cum sa nu iubesti animalele, iar pe mine, sufletul asta pur m-a invatat despre iubire si grija mai mult decat oricine altcineva.

Asa ca  va voi spune cateva lucruri despre acest minunat bichon havanez ce a intrat in viata mea pe 11.09.2013.

  • este cea mai smechera pufosenie, care chiar si atunci cand nu ai chef de nimic tot te face sa te joci cu ea si sa o rasfeti;
  • ii place sa “cante” extrem de mult si cu note foarte inalte pe melodii tip sirena, nu conteaza ca ii raspunde, nu-i raspunde vreun prieten patruped, ea canta, indiferent de circumstante;
  • la ea NU inseamna NU, adica daca “n-am chef de tine, ia mana ca te musc” chiar asta face, temperamental catel, ce sa zic;
  • nu-i plac pisicile, la modul ca, pe unde le vede le alearga, iar atunci cand aude cuvantul “pisica” deja e cocotata pe usi sa vada unde e intrusa;
  • nu e matinala, deloc. Trezirea de dimineata este o corvoada si o face sa caste pe toata durata zilei, deci catelul trebuie lasat sa doarma;
  • isi iubeste familia si o apara asa cum stie ea mai bine, niciun strain nu are voie sa se apropie de familia ei.

Nu cred ca sunt singura persoana care are un prieten patruped alaturi, si spun prieten pentru ca nu pot sa ii zic animal de companie unui suflet atat de frumos.

Va incurajez pe toti cei care iubiti animalele sa adoptati macar unul, cat va permite spatiul, stiu ca sunt foarte frumosi cei din petshop-uri si ne indeamna pe toti sa ii cumparam, unii din pacate din motivele gresite, dar parerea mea este ca nu ar trebui ca animalutele sa fie comercializate cu scopul de a face bani, animalutele trebuiesc iubite, nu tinute in cusca, ca la un spectacol, cu speranta ca va veni cineva cu banii sa-l ia acasa. Sunt atatea pufosenii abandonate dar toate cu suflete pline de iubire, Luati-le cu voi acasa, nu veti regreta nicio secunda cand veti vedea cata iubire au de oferit.

Stiu ca este o postare atipica pe un blog, dar asta am vrut sa impartasesc cu voi mai intai, sa va povestesc despre o parte din coltisorul meu de Rai.

Daca aveti si voi animalute, va rog sa imi lasati la comentarii momente frumoase traite alaturi de ele.

Mai jos va las cateva poze cu Misha si linkul catre pagina ei de Facebook in cazul in care vreti sa vedeti mai multe.

O saptamana frumoasa va doresc si plina de caldura!

Love, Corina


Hello world,

This is my first post on a blog with its own domain. I hope you’ll like it!

For a few days i’ve been thinking what my first article should be about, what could i write about now at the beggining of this road?

There are a lot of ideas, this blog doesn’t have a theme well established, that’s also the reason that it has my name and not anything else.  So I finally decided that right now there isn’t anything more importante than the best friend possible. Today I’ll write about  about the most loving fluffy soul in the whole Universe: my wonderful dog: Misha.

I know you’ll think it’s odd to write about a pet, but let’s be honest, you don’t have any other option but to love animals, and this soul has thought me all about love and care better than anyone else.

So i will be telling you a few things about this amazing and wonderful that came into my life on 11.09.2013.

  • it’s the cutest fluffy thing ever, even when you’re not in the mood of anything she still can make you play with her and spoil her;
  • she loves “singing” very much and on very high notes, on songs like sirens, and it doesn’t even matter if any of her buddies answear to her or not, she sings, regardless of the situation;
  • she surely knows how to make you understand that no means no, if she “says”: “i’m not in the mood to deal with you, take your hands off or i’ll bite”, she’l definitely bite you, a dog with a temper, still cute though;
  • she hates cats, wherever she sees the she chases them, and when she hears the word cat she’s all over the place to see where the intruder is;
  • she’s not a morning dog, at all. Waking up in the morning makes her cranky and yawning all day long, so the dog must sleep;
  • she loves her family and defends it the best way she knows how to do it, no stranger is allowed near her family until she takes a good sniff to see their intentions.

I don’t believe i’m the only one that has a quadruped friend by her side, and i say friend because i can’t call it companionship pet to such a beautiful soul.

I encourage all of you that love pets to adopt at least one, I know those in petshops are really pretty and makes us all buy them, some for the wrong reasons, but my opinion is that pets shouldn’t be sold for money, they need love, not to be locked in a cage, like in a show hoping someone will come with a lot of money so they could take them home. There are so many flufyy sweet souls filled with love. Take them home with you, you won’t regret a second when you’ll see how much love they have to give.

I know it’s not a typical post on a blog, but this is what i wanted to share with you first, to tell you about a part of my little corner of Heaven.

If you have pets, please leave a comment with beautiful moments by their side.

I left you a few pictures of Misha and here is the link to her Facebook page if you’d like to see more.

I wish you all a wonderful week filled with warmth!

Love, Corina

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